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For you, we find the following building supplies ranges
Products we source meet International Standards :
We bring support to Building Supplies brands and Construction Companies worldwide. Our people are tirelessly sourcing building material supply wholesale for exporting markets. From building materials manufacturers screening to export, we handle all the heavy work. Our will to create new opportunities is balanced with our efforts to maintain quality for all product lines. Every order you place in China with us will be subject to strict requirements in terms of quality and delivery time.
  • Consolidated shipments
    Low-cost building supplies should yield high returns, JS Sourcing helps you keep your shipping costs in check. From sourcing products to delivery, we plan for the most cost-efficient solution. Pooling products and repacking allow us to fill FCL (full-load containers) in China.
  • Broaden your building supplies product range
    Because competition is tight, coming up with new building supplies is key to maintaining and growing your import business. Our team regularly updates you with new products from construction material suppliers
  • Low risks & quality defects rate
    Located close to construction material suppliers, our quality inspectors prevent non conformities on a variety of building supplies. Thorough quality checks are implemented at the factory before shipment from China.
  • Building supplies with a warranty
    JS Sourcing has developed a network of seasoned suppliers, each specialized in its own range of building supplies. We give access to products with warranties, and standard-practice After-sales service.
  • Sandwich panels made in china Sandwich panels
  • insulation materials made in china Insulation materials
  • structural panels made in china Structural sheets (fiber cement, plywood…)
  • particle board made in china Particle board
  • fencing made in china Fencing
  • siding panels made in china Cladding
  • flooring material made in china Flooring
  • wallpaper made in china Wallpaper
  • doors made in china Doors
  • hardware and tools made in china Handware
Our ability to work with tight deadlines, complex schemes, various building supplies manufacturers translates into increase efficiency and security. From RFQs to after-sales, purchasers, quality inspectors, and logisticians help you implement the best sourcing building material supply wholesale. Our main goal is to generate savings while ensuring on-time delivery with close to zero hassle and defects.
JS Sourcing benefits from its central location and familiarity with business practices to reduce the gap between you and building material supply manufacturers. Your business can utilize our manpower and skillset to conduct purchasing from China, while your own team mostly focuses on Sales and Business Development.