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Shanghai JS Sourcing is a sourcing company based in China. We have been successfully conducting product sourcing from China since 2011. We deliver spot or all-in-one buying solutions in China. Well before our inception, our sourcing specialists were already enhancing the overall profitability of the purchasing process, from Chinese manufacturers sourcing to shipping from China. Sourcing services are tailored primarily to wholesalers, brands e-commerce, and smaller businesses (SMEs) who buy in bulk from China for cost-efficient purchasing. We offer importing businesses hassle-free, easy-to-implement solutions that give them resources to grow. As a leading China sourcing company, we are able to support Clients with custom manufacturing and Purchasing in the following industries :

Shanghai JS Sourcing benefits from its strategic location in Shanghai, the busiest container port in the world. Our team of logisticians can swiftly compare shipping quotes, plan and monitor shipping from China. We maintain a network of experienced and dependable Chinese manufacturers across China’s East coast. Our team operates in the following manufacturing centers: Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, as well as Hebei and Anhui provinces.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to relieve foreign businesses from resource-consuming sourcing from China. With us on the ground, wholesalers, and brands can focus back on business growth and sustainability.
Our team on the ground enforces on-time deliveries, audit, and quality control, and cultivates new opportunities. We support businesses buying in bulk from China with responsible, ethical, and cost-competitive purchasing.

Why choose Shanghai JS Sourcing in China?

+ More than 10 years’ experience in China product sourcing & Export from China;
+ Factory-direct buying from dependable and cost-attractive Chinese manufacturers;
+ Fluent spoken English and great communication skills;
+ Proactive use of skillsets from Purchasing, Quality to Logistics;
+ Goal-oriented, successful exports make durable partnerships;

China sourcing company – keys to better performing supply chains

by Jenny Cai – Founder

“I consider it my job to help my clients grow their business bigger and more efficient”. This is why I decided almost a decade ago to start this sourcing company. I started as an independent product sourcing China Specialist. Today, we are proud to be part of the well-established sourcing agents in China. We excel at helping businesses streamline their purchasing process, identify and eliminate non-conformities or disruptions. Our clients keep contracting us as their China sourcing company because:

We swiftly and accurately identify and filter Chinese suppliers on their behalf. No language or business practice barrier with us.
We do not take prices for granted. We regularly launch RFQs to make sure they get the best value for money.
On many occasions, contracting us allows them to save money on personnel. Contact us and we’ll show you how a competitive sourcing company we are.
Our network and industrial knowledge allow us to share accurate data about your industry. Transparency is key to sourcing affordable China product.
We take care of the businesses we help grow. A balanced mix of Eastern-Western mindset.

These are China sourcing company advantages we work hard to develop and maintain. The attention to good service and high returns for our client is paramount. This is why safe sourcing has also become one of our priorities in the last years. We are now able to tackle issues and offer quality assurance and quality inspection services.

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