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We Source the Home & Garden Product Ranges

For you, we source home improvement products that meet International Standards :
We bring support to Home and Garden brands worldwide. Our people tirelessly update you with new products, new packaging and display. From garden product factory screening to export, we handle all the heavy work. Our will to create new opportunities is balanced with our efforts to maintain quality for all product lines. Every order you place in China with us will be subject to strict requirements in terms of quality and delivery time.

Why Source Your Home & Garden Supplier With Us?

  • Maximizing purchasing efficiency

    Sourcing specialists & Purchasers reduce time-to-market lead times. We swiftly process planning, deploy resources, settle issues within short time-frames to ensure on-time delivery from China.
  • Pooling products to increase savings

    Our logisticians work tirelessly to reduce shipping costs from China. They handle multiple garden supply wholesale supplier's orders, repack them into full load containers (FCL).
  • Low risks & quality defects rate

    With extensive quality management and operations taking place at specific times in the purchasing process, JS Sourcing empowers your team and minimizes risks of non-conformity and delayed shipments.
  • Retail packaging & Display made easy

    With 10+ years experience in custom packaging and white label products. JS Sourcing sources packaging material and workers to have your imports from China packaged uniquely

Home & Garden Products Sample List

  • home furniture made in china

    Indoor Furniture

  • lighting made in china


  • decoration items made in china

    Decoration Items

  • outdoor furniture made in china

    Outdoor Furniture

  • gazebo made in china

    Folding Gazebo

  • outdoor structures made in china

    Backyard Greenhouse

  • marquee tent made in china

    Marquee Tent

  • carport shed made in china


  • garden lightening made in china

    Garden Lightening

  • garden tools made in china

    Garden Tools

Garden Products Imports - The Process

Our ability to work with tight deadlines, complex schemes, and numerous decoration items factories translates into increased efficiency and security. From RFQs to after-sales, purchasers, quality inspectors, and logisticians help you implement the best garden supply wholesale sourcing strategy.

Our main goal is to generate savings while ensuring on-time delivery with close to zero hassle and defects on garden supply wholesale orders.

JS Sourcing benefits from its central location and familiarity with business practices to reduce the gap for your business. Your business can utilize our manpower and skillset to conduct purchasing from China, while your own team mostly focuses on Sales and Business Development.