Every business success lies with a sound supplier pool. Sourcing China manufacturers is the art of efficiently processing the sheer amount of (often inaccurate) information. Our staff helps you sourcing manufacturers in China that meet the sourcing criteria. Our approach is to implement a multi-layered filtering process to identify the right suppliers. Upon completion of sourcing, the Client is presented with all supplier’s information, contact details, quotations, as well as our own assessment.

Tasking a sourcing company to handle the delicate task of sourcing china manufacturers allows you to reach a new level of efficiency. Plus, our knowledge of the Chinese industrial landscape and pitfalls enhances your chances to cut out the middle-men and secure factory direct deals.

Sourcing China manufacturers, the process:

Feasibility assessment

Our team goes over your project’s characteristics, requirements, and deliverables. Once priorities are clearly laid, we share our own conclusions. These are based on our knowledge of Chinese industrial landscape and understanding of procurement’s pitfalls. i.e.: a factory direct policy means we will not consider any trading company during the selection process.

Product Specifications

The “Product Specification” is a document that summarizes all the project details. It includes technical requirements, price, definite quantity and quality. If you don’t already have this document, we will create it ourselves. A well written Product Specification File enhances the quality of sourcing china manufacturers results.

Find manufacturers

We pre-select suppliers based on requirements and priorities. Selection can either span all of China or focus on a target location. We implement our own multi-layered screening filters. Upon completion, we deliver the results (suppliers’ files, pictures, brochures, quotations …) to Client’s email or by file transfer.

More sourcing company services upon request:

Factory direct sample

We not only conduct sourcing china manufacturers but also order samples on your behalf. Before shipping samples to you our inspector inspects them. Any technical or cosmetic issue is thus addressed before placing the order. This step allows us to assess the level of knowledge and support the supplier is able to provide.


We provide support in negotiating the price, lead time and terms of payment with the Chinese partner of your choice. Our commercial and technical teams help you verifying the information provided by the supplier.

You are planning a trip to meet and assess Chinese suppliers, visit our Business Trip page.

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