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What do Sourcing Specialists do best on the ground in China?

Many business owners witnessed firsthand the benefits of employing a team of sourcing specialists here on the ground in China. Being able to command a team from your own desk, and get actionable data within a short time gives unparalleled advantage.

At each step of the purchasing process, your team of sourcing experts provides unparalleled wealth of information. Their fluency in Chinese and intimate knowledge of the industrial landscape is what will prove instrumental in beating your competition.

Other than boosting your buying efficiency, hiring sourcing specialists in China will improve the reliability of your imports, reduce risks drastically and generate savings along the way.

Hiring your Sourcing Agent : the Process

  • 1st Contact

    Define your needs

  • Agent Proposal

    Tailored Solution

  • Interview

    Meet your Sourcing Specialist

  • Contract

    1st month retainer

  • 1st Milestone

    Deliverables & Tweaks

  • Sourcing Performance

    Improve sourcing efficiency

Boost your imports profitability thanks to JS Sourcing years of experience and industry-specific tools. Our 6-steps Sourcing Process helps businesses minimize disruptionsproduct defects, and late deliveryfrom China. Form sourcing to delivery at your place, a dedicated Sourcing specialist make sure your imports from China are lean and hassle-free.

Sourcing, but not only


JS Sourcing does not wait for your suppliers to make a mistake. We proactively review, assess the ongoing risks of purchasing from China. We put forward hands-on solutions to make your imports from China safer! Not limited to audits and inspection services in China, our team works in unison with you to implement better purchasing practices all-over.
  • Improve purchasing reliability
  • Compliance with Safety Standards
  • Products Inspection & Testing
  • Reduce risks to a minimum
Exports from China

Shipping from China is rarely cost-efficient or a simple process. Especially in the COVID-19 era. Sourcing specialists and Logisticians at JS Sourcing show you how agile shipping management can be. Supported by a strong network and established communication channels in the biggest ports in China, they push for faster and cost-controlled shipping schedules.

Agile shipping +
Tracking & Clearance Documents review +
Fluid, transparent communication +
Less hassle, less late deliveries +

  • intermodal shipping from china Flexible shipping quotes
  • china shipping efficiency Keeping track on shipments
New product sourcing?


Making prototypes and samples from a distant place can be fastidious and time-consuming. JS Sourcing offers technical and commercial support as early as the prototyping stage. Specifically designed for importers who need product, packaging, tooling development and improvement. Our team brings added efficiency and clarity in communication and assessment review of the samples.

+ Improved efficiency leads to time savings
+ Reduced Time-to-market
+ Fast review & assessment

  • Protyping in china cost saving Timee & cost savings as early as prototyping
  • sourcing engineer prototype in china Technical & Engineering input
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