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Documents import-export : les bases

Les documents import-export sont essentiels pour acheter en Chine et importer dans son pays. Les types de documents import-export ainsi…

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China Sourcing agent – keys to lower purchasing costs

by Jenny Cai – Founder

“I consider it my job to help my clients grow their business bigger and more efficient”. This is why I decided almost a decade ago to start this sourcing agent company. Today, we are proud to be part of the well-established sourcing agents in China. We excel at helping businesses streamline their purchasing process, identify and eliminate non-conformities or disruptions. Our clients keep contracting us as their China sourcing agent because:


  • We swiftly and accurately identify and filter Chinese suppliers on their behalf. No language or business practice barrier with us.
  • We do not take prices for granted. We regularly launch RFQs to make sure they get the best value for money.
  • On many occasions, contracting us allows them to save money on personnel. Contact us and we’ll show you how a competitive sourcing agent we are.
  • Our network and industrial knowledge allow us to share accurate data about your industry. Transparency is key to a sourcing agent in China.
  • We take care of the businesses we help grow. A balanced mix of Eastern-Western mindset.


These are China sourcing agent assets we work hard to develop and maintain. The attention to good service and high returns for our client is paramount. This is why safe purchasing has also become one of our priorities in the last years. We are now able to tackle issues and offer quality assurance and quality inspection services.