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7 Factors International Buyers should consider when seeking Sourcing Companies

JS Sourcing Staff Jul 10, 2023 Reading length : 3 min
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In today’s globalized economy, sourcing companies play a pivotal role in connecting international buyers with manufacturers worldwide. Among these sourcing hubs, China stands out as the largest manufacturer globally, offering a vast array of products at competitive prices and a well-oiled procurement network.


Sourcing companies act as intermediaries between importers and manufacturers or wholesalers. They not only facilitate the procurement process, but also help buyers implement buying strategies (aka supply chain risk management). Because China holds a prominent position as the world’s factory, seeking a Chinese sourcing agent is considered the best path to least resistance.


Working alongside a China sourcing company offers the remarkable advantage of tapping into an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers. The country’s robust manufacturing infrastructure, skilled workforce, and dense logistics network are a delight for overseas importers.


By collaborating with sourcing companies, wholesalers and brands can focus their efforts on core business functions, such as marketing, sales, and brand development. Outsourcing manufacturing of electronics, textile, mechanical parts or plastic parts to a specialist of the sourcing process usually leads to an increase in efficiency, a wider reach and overall edge over the competition.


Furthermore, sourcing companies assist businesses in achieving sustainability goals by sourcing from eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturers.


Today we share the tips that many successful importers applied to their outsourcing strategy. We have listed 7 key factors that international buyers should consider when choosing a sourcing company for their purchasing operations.