We help you shipping from China by air, sea, FCL or LCL

Each year, more than 1 billion containers of goods are exported from China. Despite the advantages of such high volume, there can often be many difficulties with shipping from China. Variables such as budget, timing, customs requirements, and the efficiency and reliability of the shipping company are all important parts of the export process.

As part of our logistics support, we give you advice on the most appropriate shipping method for a good quality-to-price ratio. From loading to delivery, each step is planned and overseen by our team and you know exactly the location and status of your order. We are present during ex-factory loading to conduct final inspection of seal. We ensure proper delivery of your goods and oversee the publication of customs clearance documents as well as our own program recap documentation.

Shipping from China, the key steps:

Shipping Method Selection

Each purchase varies in amount, volume, weight, cost, time, and customs requirements. Whether it involves pooling goods, urgent shipment, batch shipment, we handle the operations on your behalf. Shipping from China involves comparing shipping quotes. Our logistician take pride in providing safe and cost efficient solutions to our Clients.

Shipping Plan

Shipping from China may involve liaising with more than 3 parties at the same time within a short time span. We excel at centralizing information from suppliers and efficiently deliver accurate information to the forwarder. We settle issues related to inland transportation, costs and delivery time. Our Chinese speaking personnel reaches a new level of efficiency.

Clearance documents

This step consists in ensuring that clearance documents are accurately and swiftly published. Our main objective is to prevent last minute changes, missing documents or late delivery. We proofread and check documents for inaccuracies before they are published.

Shipment Tracking

We continually update you on the status of the shipment and delivery date. Our personnel diligently answer any queries in regards shipping from China. Further to that, they chase suppliers which for the swift release of clearance documents. This final step is key to a smooth and uneventful clearance of your order.

If you are seeking a package including the inspection of the goods, please visit Groupage.