China Procurement: a turn-key solution to import hassles

We manage your orders throughout the entire process and thereby promote the development and optimization of your supply chain. Your procurement in China no longer needs to be a source of anxiety, inefficiency, and frequent unexpected issues. We are your purchasing office in China, your direct line of communication with your suppliers.

Less pain, More gain

Our China Procurement solution is a solution that aims at relieving our Client’s workforce from workload that weighs them down. Purchasing and procurement specialists we allocate to our Client’s projects set a number of processes, thus ensuring redundancy and risk reduction. On the other hand, they open doors to untouched supplier pools, and help Clients identify where savings lie.

From Sourcing to Delivery

Shanghai JS Sourcing manages supply chains in China on a daily basis. We handle the hassles of the day to day operations from the very start, identifying vendors for China procurement projects. Additionally, our people gather the necessary skills and experiences to manage orders, plan and conduct Quality Control, export and ship orders to the destination market.

Successful in taking controlled risks

A successful china procurement strategy lies in preparation, skilled implementation and resolute but risk-controlled attitude. Our success as a procurement specialist is mainly due to the fact that we encompass trades and industries, boast years of experience dealing with all kinds of sourcing and exports.

Taking back the power on time

Time is money for any businessman and entrepreneur. Especially when dealing with china procurement processes and redundant export formalities. At Shanghai JS Sourcing, we help Client take back control of their time by allocating resources here to process administrative tasks, monitor orders and shipments and overcome potential difficulties in a diligent manner.

Who do we serve?

Our primary client base is comprised of importers and wholesalers, but also includes retailers and private entrepreneurs. We are suited for those who frequently require projects in China but for whom managing its own purchasing agents in China is not feasible.

Why it’s made for you?

  • Save time and overhead by outsourcing your management of imports with us
  • Simplicity and assurance through fixed payments
  • Comfort and security with our local follow up & Quality Control
  • Increased efficiency thanks to experienced and skilled multicultural team
  • Complete transparency, or the foundation of our business model and values
  • Pro-active and dynamic management, that is with the project at every step

What services are included?

  • Source domestic manufacturers
  • Manage pre-production/ samples
  • Negotiate and set cooperation terms
  • Schedule order
  • Monitor production
  • Post-production and container loading inspection
  • Publish customs documents
  • Track Shipment
  • Provide post-delivery support
  • Arrange shipment
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