Contrary to conventional wisdom, China has a very wide range of industrial equipment that can accomplish modern manufacturing techniques. In some industries, Chinese machinery has actually been at the forefront of innovation globally. However, it is essential to be familiar with the market and know how to identify reliable suppliers. Supplier identification involves focusing on certain aspects of the manufacturing process, such as: productivity, quantity-price relationships, lifetime, maintenance, and after-sales service. The commercial and technical team of Shanghai JS Sourcing searches and helps you select stable and reliable suppliers. Furthermore, our after-sales service means we stick with the project well after mass production is complete.

Projects for which our customers have benefited from our services

Food & Beverage:
Food processing and packaging machines and lines including processing, filling, sealing, coding/marking, packaging for products such as sugar, milk, water, coffee powder, snacks, …
Cold forming :
Cold roll forming machines and components for galvanized and aluminum steel, including forming, punching, cutting.
Molding :
Polystyrene Moulding line including pre-expansion, conditioning, moulding, cutting. Injection/extrusion molding , rotational molding line for disposable products, packaging, furniture …

Who are our clients ?

Private entrepreneurs
Importers & distributors