China is one of the biggest market on the globe in terms of FMCGs. Mass production, labor cost, cost policies and quality procedures are now combined with marketing related support, intensive product development. At Shanghai JS Sourcing, we gather knowledge and years of hands-on experience. We help you putting up and developing your procurement chain in FMCGs, identify high value for money offers based on locations and specializations, strengthen your control over leadtime and quality while always keeping an open eye on new products and suppliers.

Here are some FMGCs purchased in previous projects

Articles of indoor and outdoor decoration :
Candlestick and lantern, wall decoration, clock, lamp, mirror, coat hanger, décor, statue , vase, flower pot , table decoration, plate , tray, box, casket, basket …
Tools & Hardware :
Site accessories, safety accessories, handtools, portable tools, screws and bolts, heavy duty machine parts, storage, adhesive …
Products for baby & early childhood :
Feeding-bottle, bottle warmer, spoon, plate, bib, plaid, stroller, pram, car seat, high chair, walker, baby clothes …

Automobile products :

Tire, rim, mechanical components, cleaning and maintenance products, decorative accessories , tools …

Accessories bathroom :
Soap dish, liquid soap distributor, towel rack, cosmetic bag, bath mat, shower curtain, brush , towels …

Plastic products :

Bag , biodegradable plastic bag , food bag , shopping bag, sling bag, trash bag …

Who are our clients ?

Importers & wholesalers
Retail chains
private entrepreneurs
purchaser for group purchasing organization