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Chinese Manufacturing Companies, what are they and how to select them?10-06-2019

” Made in China ” products are everywhere. They are present in almost every industry and every segment, even niches. These same products are made by Chinese manufacturing companies.Naturally, any smart entrepreneur looking at importing goods will want to deal with them. However, China is...

Is hiring a China purchasing agent profitable to imports from China?04-07-2018

Global trends show us that importers and buyers all over the world have been working hard over the past years to implement direct sourcing strategies. But cutting out intermediaries usually results in an increase in workload for foreign teams of buyers.

Sourcing company : definition and advantages10-09-2016

The fact that the term “sourcing” is often misused, or that a “sourcing company” is more than enough mistaken for a trading company is common knowledge within our industry. Clients may ask us what does a sourcing agent do, some others may ask us to...