What is it about?
We offer the means to accomplish a previously non-existent, innovative, personalized product by cooperating with suppliers that emphasize and specialize in prototypes in an effort to develop long-term relationships. We manage the project from preliminary designs to delivery of mass production, and consequently understand the importance of prototypes and their inclusion in purchasing terms.
Who do we serve ?
Custom prototypes are a part of many manufacturing programs but are particularly important for innovators, private entrepreneurs, and companies who are looking to develop and produce a new and/or personalized product.

Why it’s made for you?

  • Allows to create and implement an innovative idea
  • More effective identification of appropriate supplier
  • Enhanced protection of your intellectual property
  • Savings achieved by optimizing the costs of production
  • Enhanced control of the supply chain
  • A 100% transparent operation, we are your agent in China.

What services are included?

  • Feasibility study
  • Completion of technical plans
  • Production of prototype
  • Negotiation of cooperation terms
  • Development of product specifications
  • Pre-selection of supplier(s)
  • Technical support
  • Final selection of supplier(s)