What is it about?
When you have multiple projects with similar delivery dates, groupage allows you to gather, inspect, and ship goods from different suppliers. Different types of goods with similar time constraints and delivery points are grouped strategically to reduce shipping costs.
Who do we serve?
Groupage is typically utilized by importers and wholesalers, but is feasible and suitable for all clients that are interested in optimizing freight expenses from China. Our local presence, experience in logistics, volume of business, and existing warehouse network allow you to consolidate goods from different suppliers prior to shipment.

Why it’s made for you?

  • Simplifies management of multi-order and multi-factory programs
  • Significantly reduces shipping costs and customs fees
  • Local presence that can better control products and markings
  • Simplifies customs procedures
  • Expedites response to potential delays to delivery
  • A 100% transparent operation, we work for you

What services are included?

  • Definition of deadlines
  • Definition of volume, source, and nature of the goods
  • Ex-factory pickup planning
  • nspection, packaging, and marking of goods
  • Tracking of shipment
  • Post-delivery follow-up service
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Personalized groupage planning
  • Strategic warehouse delivery and placement
  • Container Arrangements
  • Tracking the publication of customs documents