Sourcing company, your best ally in China

A sourcing company is a third party, preferably with its offices in the manufacturer’s country, specialized in identifying and selecting eligible suppliers on behalf of its foreign clients. Its main objective is to find as many potential suppliers as possible while keeping the risk factor as low as possible for its clients.

Shanghai JS Sourcing conducts product sourcing on a daily basis. Our staff is familiar with sourcing processes and pitfalls, thus allowing for accurate and fast results. When it comes to product sourcing, China stays an important target. Shanghai JS Sourcing’s presence in China, coupled with its network, naturally makes it easier to deliver a reliable selection of Chinese suppliers.

Shanghai JS Sourcing gathers its own team of sourcing specialists. Our knowledge of the Chinese industrial landscape and proximity with manufacturers is key. Product sourcing projects are handled by a seasoned project manager. Before product sourcing china starts, our team assesses the potential and limitations of the project, such as product target price, product regulations and such. In some cases, our Project Manager puts forward an alternate solution for our client.

Any product sourcing project we handle starts by identifying relevant Chinese suppliers. Product quotations, catalogues, and administrative documentsprovided by willing suppliers are processed, checked and organized before we share them with our clients.

China sourcing company over trading company

A sourcing company is not product specific. It focuses on value-added services and merely introduces new opportunities to its clients. Its fees are paid solely by the buyer. On the other hand, a trading company outsources manufacturing of a certain range of products and markets them.
A buyer may place an order directly with a trading company when it can deliver the product sought. A sourcing company in China finds and select elligible suppliers (manufacturers and trading companies alike) on behalf of the buyer.