The essential elements of inspection services in China are:

  • Product specifications
  • Product quality
  • Packaging
  • Markings
  • Raw materials and components
  • Product function
  • Loading

Delays, mistakes, and non-conformities have significant effects on your schedule, budget, development, and reputation. Inspection services in China are easy and cost-effective ways to enforce quality on your orders in China. Our fleet of experienced and dedicated inspectors maintain oversight through all stages of production. Goods manufactured in China are subject to strict quality controls (pre-shipment inspection is one of them). During these inspection we identify; foresee and resolve defects or non-conformity with minimum disruption to the project.

Our inspectors visit factories across China in person. The inspector issues an inspection report following any China inspection services. The report details the status of your project, highlights defects and allows you to make a decision based on concrete evidence. Our inspection services are a simple and efficient solution in case your supplier in China is not able to adequately control quality.


China inspection services process:

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

The inspector visits the factory in China and controls the means of production, raw material inventory, and input components. He also goes through technical aspects of the product itself together with the supplier. Any pre-production samples or prototypes can also be inspected at this time. This is one of the earliest inspection services in China. Following to this preventive inspection, we issue a report along with photos and comments.

Inline Production Inspection (IPI)

This is often an impromptu visit to the factory. It takes place during production. We take note of the progress and randomly inspect a sample lot of products. We identify non conformities and propose solutions, stay informed on the plan for the remainder of production. This type of inspection also involves a published report.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

The pre-shipment inspection is the most common of our inspection services. It consists in verifying that the packaging, final product, and markings comply with the requirements prior to shipment. Following to the inspection, he issues a pre-shipment inspection report establishing the order’s level of compliance (data and pictures).

Empower your business with a complete quality management solution! We help you identify sources of non conformities, setup standards and processes to minimize risks. More on, website dedicated to china inspection services and assurance in China.