Risk-management is paramount especially when importing goods from across the world. A factory audit clearly and efficiently reveals the hidden truths about your Chinese supplier. While asking for pictures and chatting with the factory in China prior to placing the order is good, it does not protect the buyer from being lead to believe inaccurate facts.

Our Supplier audit can be completed within 1 man-day, allowing you to swiftly make decisions according to the findings without causing further delays.

Our factory audit is conducted by a bilingual inspector who, upon completion of the audit in China, provides a full report. The audit report includes administrative, financial, and commercial data, as well as pictures and conclusions. Do you know that following audits, we also put forward appropriate solutions to remedy to potential failures or non-conformities?


Factory Audit process :

Supplier Audit Parameters

This step clearly establishes the type of supplier audit required, its deliverables, and parameters. Although we have our own process and documents templates, we are always ready to accommodate our Client’s needs.

Preliminary Supplier assessment

The preliminary supplier assessment main objective is to assess the attitude of the factory’s staff, willingness to follow the audit process and set up the time of the audit. In the event we pick up any critical irregularity at this stage, our staff quickly informs the client about it.

Factory Audit

Shanghai JS Sourcing inspector travels to the factory to diligently conduct the factory audit. Amongst others tasks, the inspector takes note of failures, non-conformities, limitations of the manufacturing process, its environment. We review the Quality Management process and its enforcement.

Audit Report

The audit report contains all data and information gathered during the factory audit. It includes results of any survey as well as details of the factory inspection. The report is filled with pictures of the facilities, equipment, documents, processes, and non-conformities.