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Discover our Architectural welded wire fence panel range. Panels are made of anodized steel wire coated with longstanding properties. Welded wire fence sizes range from 40.5 to 76 in. height, 98.5 in. width, and 0.2 in. thread welded in 7.9*2in mesh. Posts and accessories available

Specifications :

Size:  140mm*25mm

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Textured, light and easy-to-install decking planks. The best solution to demanding projects.

  • Standard size
  • Increased thickness
  • Non capped hollow core
  • Grooved sides
  • Dual finish
  • Standard area
  • Wet environment
  • High temperature variation
  • Standard leadtime
  • High performance
  • High expectations

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 250 x 103 x 5 cm