The essential elements of any quality inspection are:

  • Product specifications
  • Cosmetic quality
  • Packaging
  • Marking
  • Product function
  • Loading

During production – delays, mistakes, and non conformities – whether recurrent or not have significant effects on your schedule, budget, development, and reputation. Shanghai JS Sourcing offers experienced and dedicated inspectors who maintain oversight through all stages of production. Goods are subject to strict quality inspection (pre-shipment inspection is one of them) in order to identify and resolve problems without delays or additional costs to both supplier and client.

Our team of inspectors mostly operate in the Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and Guangdong provinces. Their only task is to deliver professional quality inspections (such as pre-shipment inspection) and ultimately protect our Clients interests. Following to the inspection, inspectors publish an inspection report that includes data and pictures as well as a clear understanding of the failures and non-conformities.


Quality inspection, the process :

Pre-production Inspection (PPI or IQC)

An inspector is dispatched to the factory in order to inspect the means of production, raw material inventory, and input components. Any pre-production samples or prototypes can also be inspected at this time. The results of this preventive quality inspection along with photos and comments are organized into an inspection report available in English and Chinese.

Inline Production Inspection (IPI or IPQC)

This is often an impromptu visit to the factory. It occurs during production. Its main objective is to ensure that key processes are done properly and do not interfere with the finished product quality. The inspector takes note of the progress and randomly inspect a sample lot of products. We identify non conformities and propose solutions, stay informed on the plan for the remainder of production. This type of inspection also involves a published report.

Post-production Inspection (PPI or FQC or FRI)

The pre-shipment inspection allows us to verify that the packaging, product specifications and cosmetic appearance, and marking comply with the requirements prior to shipment. This inspection consists of a random selection of a sample lot. Our inspectors are familiar with tight schedule which allows us to swiftly provide feedback. Following to each inspection we issue a pre-shipment inspection report establishing the order’s level of compliance (data and pictures). The report also lists non conformities and their severity (Critical, Major, Minor).